Value added tax

Why you should look into us.

Value added tax makes a major contribution to Switzerland’s financial income. Companies in Switzerland are bound by law to declare their own VAT liability, but to do so correctly they need to be familiar with the legal basics and keep up to speed on changes in the law.

We help you with the filing and checking of invoices and with your bookkeeping. We calculate your tax liability and ensure that your declarations are reliable, eliminating the danger of erroneous returns and exposure to back-tax demands.

Even if you have cross-border business activities, we can draw on the help of our international alliance to give you individual tax advice.

Sandra Ackermann

Sandra Ackermann

Contact: Haussmann Treuhand AG
Sandra Ackermann
Seefeldstrasse 45, P.O. Box, CH-8034 Zurich
T +41 44 254 31 31, F +41 44 254 31 80

Our services.

  • Completing value added tax returns
  • Calculating input tax reductions
  • Calculating the company’s self-supply and proportion of personal use of company assets
  • Support before and during VAT inspections by the federal tax authorities
  • Assistance with VAT refund procedures