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Radio and TV fees for businesses from 1 January 2018

The Swiss people firmly rejected the ‘No Billag’ initiative on 4 March 2018. As a result, all VAT Register-listed businesses with global turnover of more than CHF 500,000 will have to pay a business licence fee, regardless of whether or how much TV and radio they actually receive.

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Congratulations to Silvia E. Mathieu.

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Social security figures as of January 2018

Social security figures and rates remain unchanged in 2018 compared to the previous year.

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SFTA sets year-end and annual average exchange rates for 2017

The Swiss Federal Tax Authority has published the year-end exchange rates for all currencies as at 31.12.17 together with the annual average exchange rates for 2017. The main year-end exchange rates at a glance.

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Partial Revision of the Swiss VAT Law as of 1 January 2018

Bern, 25.09.2017 - As a result of the referendum on 24 September 2017 the Federal Decree of 17 March 2017 on Additional Funding for OASI Pensions by increasing the rates of VAT and the Federal Act of 17 March 2017 on the 2020 Pension Reforms were both rejected. Enclosed the most important information at a glance.

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