Markus Stutz

Head of Accounting, Topal accounting software and Payroll administration

Commercial apprenticeship
Bachelor of Business Administration
Swiss certified chartered accountant

With the Haussmann Group since 1985
Married, with two children

Things I like: crossing the finish line after running 42,195 metres, tucking into a bratwurst at an FC Zürich match, my family, watching the sunset with a good glass of wine.
Things I don’t like: mobiles ringing in restaurants, unpunctuality, being stuck in traffic, shopping sprees, drivers who take up two parking spaces, divers (in football).

Haussmann Treuhand AG
Seefeldstrasse 45
P.O. Box
CH-8034 Zurich
T +41 (0)44 254 31 31
F +41 (0)44 254 31 80