André Kym

Head of Audit

Grammar school
Graduate in Economics, University of Zürich
Swiss certified chartered accountant
Diploma as IFRS/IAS accountant

With the Haussmann Group since 2004
Married, with two children

Things I like: visiting the world’s best wine-growing regions with friends, the tired feeling in my legs after cycling in the Lenzerheide, snow-covered mountain slopes, food I've cooked myself, relaxing with the family at the weekend.
Things I don’t like: discussions that go on for hours without reaching a conclusion, non-stop sunshine and 30°C temperatures all year round, bland-tasting imported fruit in January instead of ripe Swiss fruit in summer, traffic jams on the A1, footballers who play for time.

Haussmann Revision AG
Seefeldstrasse 45
P.O. Box
CH-8034 Zurich
T +41 (0)44 252 02 80
F +41 (0)44 252 02 82